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David & Jeanne Gomm

David and Jeanne Gomm are stained glass artists with 36 years of stained glass experience each and are the owners of Gomm Stained Glass Studios. Since their bohemian days of trying to tame the land in Missouri, stained glass has been a part of the story. David graduated from MSSU in Industrial Education and ran a video rental/stained glass studio in the Ozarks while holding down a day job to support their stained glass dreams. Jeanne raised their 7 children and was then able to hone her stained glass skills.

After a move to Utah, Jeanne became the project designer and glass instructor while David focused on computer patterns and video training. Together they have built over 1,000 windows and taught classes for 20 years. Stained glass has become their signature statement in providing beauty, creativity and meaning to homes and businesses.


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