How to Make Crochet Coasters

How to Make Crochet Coasters

with Márcia Mallmann

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About the course

Why learn to crochet? Crochet is an ancient manual art and is currently on the rise and frequents high fashion catwalks around the world, in addition it is a technique widely used also in decoration which brings versatility to the work. Many women have seen in crochet the possibility of financial gains, opening their own companies in the slow fashion wave. In addition, crochet brings a number of health benefits such as preventing and treating depression.

Bonus: videos teaching how to make 3 different keyrings that can be used both for sale and as souvenirs for our students' customers.

How to Make Crochet Coasters
How to Make Crochet Coasters
How to Make Crochet Coasters
How to Make Crochet Coasters

About the instructor

Márcia Mallmann

My name is Márcia Mallmann, I learned crochet when I was 6 years old with my mother, but I have been working with crochet professionally for 5 years when I started Marcia Mallmann Crocheteria which is a company dedicated to the production of crochet items, essentially bags, but I also produce some decor items. In addition, I am a businesswoman in the field of education and I work as an English teacher in southern Brazil.

In this course, students will learn how to make a coaster kit with its proper support to store them.

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