How To Create A Money-Making Online Course


The market for online courses is big. And it’s getting bigger. According to Forbes, the market hit 56.2 billion in 2014 – and early estimates suggest the market DOUBLED in 2015 to 107 billion.

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What You Will Learn

  • What is information marketing
  • Why online courses.
  • Finding a goldmine inside your head
  • How to outline an online course
  • What do you need to create an online course
  • How live streaming can change this game
  • Putting on auto-pilot
  • Different types of online courses
  • How to deliver an online course
  • How to market an online course
  • Repurposing and existing course
  • Using social media to attract students

What you will learn:

Info-Marketing and What is in it for You
Class 1:

  • What is information marketing and how it work
  • What happened to the industry (ads obsolete, disruptive tech)
  • Understanding how information alone is worth a dime
  • Understanding people’s behavior
  • What people pay attention to
  • Easy to apply, see results right away, updated info

Class 2:

  • Why people buy online courses
  • Who can create online courses
  • Types & Formats of online courses
  • Autoresponders, on-demand videos, live stream, audio, screencaptures, webinars, blogs, live, etc.
  • End Result: sell it direct, distribute via platforms, membership

Class 3:

  • How to determine your market
  • How to use Amazon to see if there’s a market
  • How to select your course topic
  • How to use Google to determine if there’s topic interest
  • How to Structure a course
  • How to re-purpose existing content
  • How to do a Course Breakdown
  • How to use Amazon to structure your course

Formats for Online Courses
Class 4:

  • Autoresponder courses, different services
  • How to determine length of course and delivery format
  • Blog Course
  • Providing support

Class 5:

  • Facebook Classes: how they work
  • Image styles
  • Message dynamics
  • Incentives for participation
  • How to schedule posts

Class 6:

  • Audio Recording Softwares
  • CDs, duplication house or at home
  • Setting up a web page with download links
  • Tele-Seminars format
  • Facebook Private Groups

Get Hands On
Class 7:

  • Screen Capture Style (jing, camtasia, etc.)
  • Phone videos, gear necessary for quality (ring light, tripod…)
  • Handycam Vids
  • Youtube trimmer, outsource editing

Class 8

  • Delivery through S3, web page, private playlists
  • Sell to elearning platforms: Udemy, Lynda, etc.
  • Clickbank

Class 9:

  • Google Hangouts format
  • Live Streaming classes to Facebook Private Groups
  • Private Scopes on Periscope
  • Unlisted Blabs
  • Youtube live Free and On-Demand Paid
  • Private pay get access to special day/time live course

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