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Copper Harvest Bouquet with Electroform Accents

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What you will learn on this Electroforming Copper Course:


Class 1:

  • Basic electroforming set up
  • show items for electroforming
  • talk about sealing the pieces: varnish, decoupage, lacquer, copper paint
  • talk about pieces: glass, organic, metal, polymer clay, wax
  • paints: graphite, metal, mixing your own
  • Show demos of painted objects ready to plate
  • Demonstrate how to seal items
  • Demonstrate how to paint items

Class 2:

  • Copperplate our first piece with unit and graphite
  • Show plated examples

 Class 3:

  • How to brighten your piece in case it looks dull
  • Full plating discussion
  • Cleaning your plated piece

Class 4:

  • Highlight any pieces that were plated overnight
  • laquer, and paint any new pieces - feathers, glass, jewelry and card projects
  • Start electroforming process

Class 5:

  • Begin assembly of bouquet centerpiece

Class 6:

  • Continue with centerpiece
  • Continue with plating and painting pieces

Class 7:

  • Finish Center piece

Class 8:

  • More plating if questions require it.
  • Plating multiples
  • Demonstrate other applications: greeting card/feather

Class 9:

  • Jewelry applications
  • Clean up demonstration

Bonus Items:

  • Materials List

About the online course Etching with Electricity

Create a lovely autumn arrangement with electroformed elements. Use glass, plastic, and organic elements to add copper plated elements to give your own touch of uniqueness to your arrangement. Learn how to prepare pieces for the electroforming process and follow through to make beautiful copper elements.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Copper Harvest Bouquet

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Electroformists, metalsmiths, people interested in making copper elements

Main objective:
Learn how to prepare pieces for the electroforming process and follow through to make beautiful copper elements.



About the instructor

Asia Raine

Asia Raine is a Utah jewelry artist and owner of Asia Raine Designs. She specializes in creating jewelry that showcase the natural beauty of semi precious stones and metals. As a designer who thrives in creative spaces, she enjoys sharing her knowledge through teaching. Her workshops invite exploration and skill development, bringing unlimited diversity to the workbench.

Asia welcomes opportunity for connection and growth and honors the inspired processes of art and community development. In May 2015, she traveled with a group of artisans to Hyderabad, India where they taught vocational sewing and jewelry skills to women in the slums. She has worked with artists in Santa Fe, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Guatemala, Ireland and across the United States.

Her designs are influenced by her travels and a love for nature. Asia Raine jewelry can be found in shops in Connecticut, Oregon, New Mexico, and Utah as well as online. Follow Asia Raine Designs on Instagram: asia_raine_designs.

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