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About the course

Concrete: Not Just for Sidewalks Anymore

I have been working with concrete at the jewelry scale for nearly 20 years and feel that this is a perfect time to compile a collection of projects that will allow the viewer access to the basics of concrete jewelry as well as various techniques and procedures for combining concrete with a variety of other materials. Additionally, the nature of concrete lends itself almost automatically, to building narrative into a given piece of work. With all its references to concepts such as protection, permanence, longevity, strength, or rigidity it enables the artist to synthesize the material with the idea and meaning of the piece.

I have experience in a wide swath of jewelry making using both traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques. I have written articles for a number of magazines on the subject of integrating these and also authored a book that includes many such materials and techniques.

I believe that concrete, though a seemingly unlikely material for jewelry, is actually very well suited to personal adornment and allows a broad spectrum of artistic expression for makers at all levels. Additionally, artists will be able to include concrete as a material in conjunction with materials they are already using such as polymer clay, metal clay, resins, gemstones and traditional metals to name just a few.

My intent is to show a series of projects that will use concrete in conjunction with numerous other materials including but not limited to metals, plastics, found objects, cloth, and leather. Owing to the nature of concrete I will also cover a range of cold connections both traditional and some that I have developed, as well as setting gemstones, beads and metal clay in concrete.


About The Instructor

Robert Dancik

Robert Dancik holds a Masters degree in sculpture from Northern Illinois University, and a BA in fine art from Adelphi University.  He has been an artist/teacher for more than 30 years and has taught people from kindergarten to graduate school while exhibiting his jewelry and sculpture in museums and galleries across the US and in Europe, Japan, and Australia.  He teaches workshops at art centers in the US and abroad including Penland, NC; Arrowmont, TN; Metalwerx, MA; Touchstone Center for Crafts, PA; Victoria College of Art, Australia; Brookfield Craft Center, CT; Mid Cornwall School of Jewelry (UK); and Ravstedhus, Denmark to name a few.  His work is in numerous collections including the Wustum Museum of Art, Boeringer-Ingleheim International, Schamberger International, Mitsubishi International, Japan and the Gregg Museum of Art and Design.   He has artwork published in many books including, in the Lark series, “500 Pendants”, “500 handmade Books and “1000 Rings”.  Other books his work is featured in are “PMC Decade”, “Fine Art of the Tin Can”,  “The Art of Resin Jewelry,” “Zilver Klei” (Denmark),  “Art Saves”. “Lark Jewelry Box Challenge”, and “Creative Metal Clay Jewelry” to name just a few.  He has written articles and published his artwork in numerous magazines including “Niche”, “Art Jewelry”, “Lapidary Journal” and “Perspectives” among others. Robert is the originator of Faux Bone™, a new, wonderful material for artists involved in jewelry, artist’s books, sculpture, and many other artistic disciplines. He is also the originator of “Solid Expression” a new formulation of artisans concrete he developed for jewelry and small sculpture. His book “Amulets and Talismans: Techniques for Making Meaningful Jewelry” is published by Northlight Books.  He is owner and head lackey at Studio E.Y.E. (Express Yourself Endlessly) a new studio promoting the arts and bringing in some of the most talented and accomplished artist/teachers from the US and around the world to teach classes and workshops.  Robert lives in Connecticut, teaches around the world, is an avid cook (I didn’t say good) and collector of toys, maps, and compasses.

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*The live and free course does not give you a certificate of completion, additional tools and resources, access to the bonus classess, 
and one-on-one with the instructors. These perks are only available in the paid version of the course.

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