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Fast Track Wire-Wrapped Marbles, Crystals and Shells!

Fast Track: Wire-Wrapped Marbles, Crystals and Shells!

with Cheryl Dixon

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About the course

This is a sampling of different pendants made with marbles (don’t lose your marbles ever again) shells, seagrass, aromatherapy balls, and crystals. Learn how to make little coils that can be made into bracelets, earrings and pendants among other ideas! Learn how to make a very inexpensive but elegant looking bracelet using a safety pin!

Wire-Wrapped Marbles, Crystals and Shells!
Wire-Wrapped Marbles, Crystals and Shells!

About the instructor

Cheryl Dixon

I am from Lafayette Indiana and still live there! I have always loved different types of arts and crafts. I get that from my Mom. But after making my first basket in 1984, I was hooked for life. I started selling my baskets at our local basketry shop, which is very rare. It used to be difficult to find basketry supplies, let alone classes, so I was so lucky that we had the Weaver’s Mill, otherwise I likely would never have learned. I then started teaching at the shop and eventually ended up owning my own store, The Basketworks after the owner moved away. I have taught in many states at conventions, retreats, and wherever there are people who want to learn! I also teach 4-H classes and it is my hope that by doing classes now with Curious Mondo that it will benefit teachers and students alike all over the globe.

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