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Colleen Spies

Colleen is a Needle Felt Doll Artist, and owner of OooDolls based in Chandler, AZ. Prior to her career as a doll artist, Colleen worked as a floral designer, a decorative artist, and a fine art artist, experiences that contribute to her expanding artistic vision. Colleen now creates sculptures using wool with the occasional use of polymer clay. Her use of bold colors and floral themes is coupled with creativity inspired by beautiful music, elements from the natural world, and an unbounded imagination. Her unique works of art convey a sense of joy and fantasy, and she continues to evolve her designs always striving to delight her fans and customers alike. Colleen is a member of the Professional Doll Making Artist Guild and won 1st place in the doll fiber category the past 2 years in a row. In her spare time she enjoys baking cookies with Spingerle Molds and travels with her husband, Jeff.


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