Clearing Your Energetic Past: Letting Go of What Stops You from Being Your Magnificent Self

with Annette Pieper

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What you will learn:


Class 1:
  • Why release your energetic past
  • Emotional baggage
  • How holding onto the past wreaks havoc on your body
  • The importance of shadow work
Class 2:
  • Understanding how your energetic past affects your life through your aura, heart, chakras and organs
Class 3:
  • The Anatomy of the Mind
  • Understanding past conditioning and anchors
  • Belief change NLP model

Class 4:
  • The Power of Ritual in releasing our energetic past
  • Solstice writing part one
Class 5:
  • Kinesiology to identify energy blocks
  • EFT as a release technique
  • Emotion Code and Chakra work as release technique
Class 6
  • Letter writing ritual as release technique
  • Candle strategy as release technique
  • Building a Descanos for release
  • Walk of Shame release strategy

Class 7:
  • The Power of Ritual in writing the future
  • Solstice writing part two
  • H’oponopono to release emotional baggage
Class 8:
  • Aroma Prana for emotional and energetic health
Class 9:
  • Soul Powered Dream Boarding
  • Soul Powered Goal Process

About the course

Whether you like it or not, your past can get lodged in your energy and psychic systems and can hold you back from being who you are meant to be. This happens outside of your awareness. Now it’s time to learn the tools to recognize and release those things that stop you from your ultimate being.

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Curious Mondo: Clearing Your Energetic Past

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Individuals seeking to better themselves.

Main objective:
Recognize and release those things that stop you from your ultimate being.


About the instructor

Annette Pieper

Annette Pieper is an Author, Executive Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Speaker. She is President of the High Impact Success Training firm, Vision 2 Reality Training. Annette has over 20 years of coaching, consulting and training expertise and is author of the upcoming book Conquering Success Mountain and co-author of the bestselling book Step Into Your Vision. She has helped thousands of people across the globe through her powerful programs.

Annette specializes in mindset, sales, leadership and performance training for individuals and teams. Her powerful training programs and coaching style propel those who experience her work into peak performance levels of achievement and greater life satisfaction.

Her passion lies in creating a powerful environment for her clients to transform in business while simultaneously creating greater harmony in all areas of life. Annette fosters a whole-life approach to success as she weaves business growth strategies and personal development into her coaching and training programs.

She serves her community by serving in board positions for the National Association of Women Business Owners Salt Lake Chapter, the Utah Small Business Coalition and the Marketing and Business Advisory Board for the Utah Department of Education.

Annette holds a degree in Psychology along with many coaching and training certifications. She is a single mother of two grown sons and lives in Utah.

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