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Learn How to Make Soap and other Hand-crafted Beauty Products

Learn How to Make Soap and other Hand-crafted Beauty Products

  • Teacher: Apryl Jensen


In this course, we will learn how to make some of your favorite hand-crafted Beauty products. Together we will learn how to make soap from scratch using lye and special oils that will create a bar that feels amazing on your skin.

I will show you how to customize basic recipes and make exciting creations like soapy cupcakes and other fun holiday and gift-giving designs.

We will also make some simplified soaps using the melt and pour method. Finally, we will also go over how to make bath bombs that will make your tub bubble and fizz and smell heavenly!

In our bonus section, I’ll show you how to make body butter and lip balms. You’ll also recipe a special soap frosting recipe, that will really make your soap creations fantastic!

These health care products are very customizable and are perfect for anyone with allergies or special skin concerns, and anyone who just likes helping ingredients on their skin. Come and join us!


Apryl Jensen

Apryl discovered the art of polymer clay over ten years ago, and has been in love with sculpting figurative dolls ever since. She is the owner of Johnston Original ArtDolls and the ProSculpt Clay Company. She is well known for her fairy and fantasy art videos at MakingFairies.com. She runs an informative sculpting newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers, and a YouTube Channel (aprylian) with 130 sculpting tips videos and over 29,000 subscribers. Apryl lives in the rocky mountains of Utah and is the mother of six amazing children.

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