Sculpting a Simple Ball-Jointed Doll

Sculpting a Simple Ball-Jointed Doll

  • Teacher: Apryl Jensen


In this class, we will learn to sculpt a darling, ten inch, child-like ball-jointed doll from ProSculpt polymer clay. A BJD is a posable, interactive doll with special joints that give the doll movement. We will sculpt each piece one at a time, and also give special attention to how to sculpt a cute, young face. We will learn about ball-joints and how they work, and how to easily incorporate them into your sculpting process. We will then show you how to sand and prepare each piece, blush the doll for realism. Finally, we will string her together and show how to pose her. Ball-jointed dolls are incredibly popular. Once you understand the basics of their construction, you will be able to add ball joints easily to your sculpting projects.

You will Learn:

  • How to Create a Head Armature
  • How to to Sculpt a Child-like face
  • How to Use and Insert Inset Eyes
  • How to Sculpt Hands and Feet
  • How to Sculpt the Torso and Limbs
  • How to Create Ball-Joints and Sockets
  • How to Sand and Prepare each Piece
  • How to Blush your Doll for Realism
  • How to String your Doll Together
  • How to Pose your Ball-Jointed Doll


Apryl Jensen

Apryl discovered the art of polymer clay over ten years ago, and has been in love with sculpting figurative dolls ever since. She is the owner of Johnston Original ArtDolls and the ProSculpt Clay Company. She is well known for her fairy and fantasy art videos at MakingFairies.com. She runs an informative sculpting newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers, and a YouTube Channel (aprylian) with 130 sculpting tips videos and over 29,000 subscribers. Apryl lives in the rocky mountains of Utah and is the mother of six amazing children.

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