Basic Cake Decoration with Fondant

Basic Cake Decoration with Fondant

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About the course

Come learn how to create this delightful dessert rose cake with me! In this course I’m going to show you many different techniques and tricks to create this beautiful cake. I’ll also show you how to prep and get everything ready to embellish the cake. We will also learn how to troubleshoot, and how to be be adaptable with our design when things don’t go as planned. With these techniques you will be able to create all kinds of delicious treats with just a little imagination.

The topics we will cover in this course will be:

  • Rolling out and draping fondant
  • Tempering chocolate for drizzle (microwave method)
  • Creating rice treat embellishments and fondant embellishments.
  • Chocolate coating for rice treat decor
  • Air brushing the cake and embellishments
  • Air brush maintenance
  • How to fill/ prep your piping bags
  • How to execute piping
  • Piped leafs
  • Piped cactus details
  • Piping the border of the cake
  • And how to create frosting roses


Basic Cake Decoration with Fondant
Basic Cake Decoration with Fondant
Basic Cake Decoration with Fondant
Basic Cake Decoration with Fondant
Hazel Rose

About the instructor

Hazel Rose

I grew up in a small town in the Uintah mountains, and currently live in an even smaller town right near the San Rafael Swell. I have always had an interest in most any kind of art medium I could get my hands on. I studied formal art for 4 years at UVU, mainly focusing on (but not only) ceramics. My background in and love for art and color over time has combined with my love of food, which has translated into making decorative cakes. I taught myself the finer details by troubleshooting my mistakes and following online courses and instructional videos. It began as a hobby and eventually turned into running a bakery from my home doing custom orders and commissions for weddings, birthdays, or celebrations of any kind. I have honed my skills working in cake and desert shops, as well as pushing myself to create designs brought to me by clients. I believe we never stop learning and improving our skills and passions and I would love to share my passion with you!




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