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Baklava Bonanza: Delicious Nut-Filled Multilayered Pastries!

with Elif Ekin

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What you will learn:


Class 1:
  • What you need
  • What is Baklava, History
  • A little about Elif
  • The Challenges
  • Types of Syrups: Beer, turkish coffee, tea syrup, pomegranate
Class 2:
  • Efficient Business Process
  • The Traditional Way of making Baklava
  • How to grind the filling
  • Dealing with butter
  • Dry Assembly w/ Turkey Baster
  • Filo Sheet Cutting
Class 3:
  • How to put Filling
  • Shredded Baklava
  • Gluten Free Baklava
  • Silicone molds, fun shapes, etc.

Class 4:
  • Presentation
  • Cheesecake Baklava
  • Filling secrets
  • Make the “challenge”
Class 5:
  • How to make Savory Baklava (Borek)
  • Storage
Class 6
  • Baklava Business Basics
  • Pricing, structure, mistakes made, etc.

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About the course

Embrace your inner Bohemian Spirit and lets’ go on a baking adventure as we experiment with various techniques and flavors of Baklava, the most famous Middle Eastern dessert! This class will make you the star at the next party with little tips and tricks on how to have fun making baklava. Elif will demonstrate how baklava can be easy, fun and funky; making your dessert the life of your next party!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:

Arts & Crafts | Curious Mondo: Baklava Bonanza

Time table:
6 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Outdoor enthusiasts

Main objective:
Learn how to make delicious Baklava


About the instructor

Elif Ekin

Elif Ekin is an Entrepreneur, Chef, and mom. She cooks highly addictive Baklava and Middle Eastern pastries for local cafes and special order. Her baklava first made it’s appearance in the 2004 farmer’s market. Her small stand was a huge hit and was was sold regularly at local cafes. Because her baklava and pastries can be made Vegan and Gluten Free, her clientele base expanded. Elif’s baklava soon gained national appeal when her baklava recipe was included in Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine, November 2008. Imagine her surprise to receive an email from the Assistant Editor of the magazine stating, “I have sitting in front of me a recipe you sent in for your mother’s baklava. We tried it in our test kitchen and we love it! We would like to include in an upcoming issue of our magazine.”

Bohemian Baklava is a Salt Lake City, Utah based company that twists up a traditional favorite delicacy with unorthodox flavors combinations. Founded in 2014, Bohemian Baklava has consistently created divergent decadent desserts for various cafes and individual clients by challenging them to step out of the box and into tasty adventure.
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