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We are an innovative and progressive company with a vision of bringing beauty and resourcefulness to the world. We live and breathe creativity: we find creative solutions to problems, we bring new ideas into fruition, we are committed to empowering self-expression and cultivating resourcefulness in people and communities. We do this through ART. By making it, preserving it, and carrying on the legacy of different art forms!

-Curious Mondo

About Curious Mondo

Having fun and learning in the process, while engaging our brain and emotions. When hands are at work they turn abstract ideas into concrete things like a dish or a craft piece, and in that process shows us how to manage emotions. Mondo Experiences offers virtual, interactive and engaging experiences where your employees will have fun, decompress from routine, engage and learn. Take a look at the courses at Curious Mondo and choose one or several for your team.


We Have Impacted Over 140 Thousand People With Our In-Depth Courses.


We Have Over 5,000 Hours of Recorded Content.


We Help People Manage Their Stress, Anxiety and Creativity.


Our Format Offers Great Engagement.


All Our Courses Go In-Depth On The Process.

On average a premium course has 9 hours of content.

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Supporters of Social Transformation

Our purpose is aligned with the global goals for sustainable development outlined by the UN, especially the SDGs of eradicating poverty, reducing inequalities, quality education and decent work and economic growth. By supporting our platform you are supporting the social transformation generated from our content.

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