Attention: All courses are in the English Language!

This is how "Curious Mondo" works in three easy steps:

Step 1: Watch the live online class for free

Step 2: We edit the live online course, take breaks and commercials out and launch as an on demand course.

Step 2: You purchase Lifetime access to the on-demand course, gets bonuses, extra classes and certificate of completion.


1: Watch the live online class for free

The Curious Mondo live online classes are broadcasted live and for free to everyone. You simply need to access the first page of the website and click on "Watch Live" to participate.  If the class isn't broadcasting at the moment, RSVP for the desired class (by filling out the short form,) and we'll let you know when the class begins.

Keep in mind that the live free online class does NOT give you access to the certificate of completion, the extra materials, resources, and downloadables, and one-on-one with the instructors. These perks are exclusiveley reserved to the paid version of the class (aka the on-demand course.)


What happens after the live online class?

After the live broadcast of the class, it goes to the editing department. That is why there is a release date for the on-demand course version, which is the day it becomes available to you.

Tip: The replay of the online class happens on the same night it was broadcasted live. 

 How will I watch the course?

After the on-demand course is launched, you can access it at any time and as many times as you wish. Simply login to the members area and access the "My Classes" section. In that section you will access all the classes you have enrolled in. 

The online course can only be watched and accessed online. We do not offer DVDs, thumb drives, or any other media. If you come accross the class contents or notice someone sharing the course, please let us know.

We choose to deliver the on-demand course online through our e-learning training platform because this way we can keep the program up-to-date with new resources, materials, downloadables, and bonuses. This way it becomes a lot more advantageous for you, and you can watch it where you desire it and have the most updated version of the program, which other medias won't allow.


What you get when you invest in the course:

  • Lifetime, unlimited access
  • Certificate of completion
  • Extra materials, resources, and downloadables

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