We are a company committed to empowering self-expression and cultivating resourcefulness in people and communities. Our product happens to be online courses.

At the studio, we invite fascinating instructors to teach live and exciting online courses. Our on-demand and live courses offer a new way of learning.  As a company, we are commited to inspire people to create more and share their talents more. That is how we can change the World.

Meet The Mondo Shakers Team

Shahar Boyayan
Shahar BoyayanPresident & Founder
Scott Romig
Scott RomigHost
Rayne Burke
Rayne BurkeAssistant Director/Switcher
Nashlah Boyayan
Nashlah BoyayanCEO & Founder
Chase Gregsen
Chase GregsenDirector
Cliff Wolter
Cliff WolterCamera
Mary Lingao
Mary LingaoCustomer Service
Joe Brito
Joe BritoMarketing Director

Creating is an adventure!

The better we learn to express ourselves and create with our hands, the more possibilities we bring into our lives! Our hands have power to change lives!

Mother and daughter team Shahar and Nashlah have been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for most of their lives and they know how important it is to always sharpen your skills and have a higher purpose.

When people get inspired to create, they are learning to have a voice, creating something beautiful for this World and showing that they have a story to tell.

When they use these skills to empower others to do the same, they bring joy, possibilities and abundance to other people. They can also change the live inside many communities by showing that with their creating hands they can transform their reality.
These are their main reasons for creating Curious Mondo, an e-learning company focusing on an interactive informal way to spread knowledge and increase your skills through live streaming.

They want people to have open doors to achieve their dreams. So Curious Mondo offers on-demand courses and free, interactive live streaming training online classes on arts, hobbies and self-improvement.

You can experience the online courses live for free and have lifetime access at any time for a small fee when they go on-demand.

During live events, your participation is key and allows you to have your doubts and questions answered by the experts. For on-demand course you complete watching and doing the activities, you will receive an electronic certificate.

Come experience a new age in online courses at Curious Mondo, where you conquer new possibilities!