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Ana-Maria Istrate

My name is Ana and I am a needle felting artist based in Germany, born in Romania. I started needle felting in 2016 after seeing some videos on YouTube of a Japanese girl making a small puppy. I was pretty intrigued when I first came across the video. It seemed like the creator was creating cute animals just by sticking needles into coloured pieces of wool. After a little research, I found out that the craft requires specific needles that are actually slightly textured. As you stick the needle into wool , the little barbs on the edge of the needle pull the strands of wool and this repeated process causes the wool to become more rough, eventually giving you a more solid form. I have loved it since day 1. Imagining all the possibilities this art brings I took it seriously and invested a lot of time into getting better by trial and error. The longest “felting day” for me was 11 hours! The average is about 4-5 hours a day. Since my childhood I have loved cats and especially newborn kitties. The neighborhoods down in Romania were not quite friendly towards small kitties, that is why I was always saving some from cruel kids. I guess this is why I am always drawn to reproduce them with my art.

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